Revive this place!

Hey guys! Just felt like reviving this community since it hasn't been updated in a few years. Just wanted to say I finally got to see The Birthday Massacre for the first time in November as an early bday present to me from me. :3 It was amazing you guys! I'm so glad I got to be in the same room with my inspiration! They're so fun and nice too. :) I knew there was a reason I loved them so much other than their music of course.

And to those who like making videos they're having a fanmade music video contest for their new album. Check out their facebook for more details. I already got a crew together and we intend to participate as well. The due date is March 9th so if anyone wants to join whip out those cameras!!
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Orlando 11/3 and St. Petersburg 11/4

Hello TBM fans!

My name is Mark and I'm a photographer. I recently shot their shows in Orlando and St. Petersburg. You can view them over at

When you go there, click on my YouTube page and you can view the ENTIRE St. Petersburg show there! It's pretty decent quality. I was suppose to get an interview, but it didn't work out. :[ But I did find out Chibi's real name! I heard it's very secretive.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and videos!

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The old official TBM deviant art account has been converted into one of the new Deviant Art groups. Incase people are interested in still submitting their artwork into the DA community you no longer need to wait for someone to approve the submissions and re upload them to the account, DA makes it easier now, so if you have a chance be sure to add the group and join as a member to share your fan art etc.


Where in the world can I find TBM's hoodie??? :( Did they disappear off the face of the earth or something?

If anyone in the community doesn't want their hoodie anymore, please let me know! I really, really, REALLY want that hoodie. XD
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So tbm was amazing as usual at free fest, there were some haters but they're just jealous they don't love tbm!

I got some pictures with my phone, nothing too spectacular but they're still pictures! If any of you guys went please post pictures!

oh and btw i'm MicHELLeMassacre on the violet prison boards.

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hey there!

If there's anyone in the DC/MD/VA area, you should vote for the birthday massacre to play at the virgin mobile free fest!!!!! I've been taking advantage of unlimited texts and texting "birthday" to 59907! or voting online at and clicking on book the band! Please vote guys! i need to see them again!